Online webinar held to celebrate Universal Health Coverage Day

Yesterday December 12th, 2022, people from all over the world came together in person and online to celebrate Universal Health Coverage Day.

As a global network advocating for better access to Palliative Care in difficult situations, we too at PallCHASE want to advocate for #HealthforAll.

The WHPCA released a factsheet regarding how we as Palliative Care clinicians can advocate for the inclusion of Palliative Care in UHC.

An excerpt from their factsheet —

Access to medicines
Pain is one of the most common and distressing symptoms that people with serious illnesses and those at the end-of-life face.
Pain management is a core component of palliative care. The simplest, least expensive and most effective method to treat pain is the use of oral morphine. Unfortunately, access to opioids may be limited; oral morphine is reported to be generally available in only 32% of countries. Multiple factors contribute to this including fears of addiction, overregulation, lack of training in pain management, and lack of understanding of the use of opioids. Increased access to affordable, safe, effective and quality medicines should be promoted to ensure health for all. Medicines for pain and palliative care – as a minimum those included in the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines (sect. 2) – should be provided by public and private facilities. Access to opioids must increase.

To read the full fact sheet, download the PDF: WHPCA-UHC-Toolkit-factsheet-FINAL

Let’s continue with the momentum of this global day and Build the World we Want – A Health Future for All.

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